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Sunbaby Diapers Wins Best Value Award For 2015!!!

The 2015 Fluff Love Awards have been given out, and Sunbaby Diapers is a proud recipient of the “Best Value” award in the Pocket Diaper category. Thanks to all who voted for us!


Welcome to Sunbaby Diapers!!!

The Sunbaby Cloth Diapers released in 2009,they provide green, high quality, cost-effective cloth diapers on the market!

More than 50000 moms buy and recommend!

Strong absorbent material with breathability keeps the skin dry and helps to prevent diaper rash. Our product absorbs urine fast and reduces the chances of developing bacteria from sleeping in a moist diaper.

A favorite for all moms who cloth diaper on a budget! Our pocket style diapers are not only budget friendly, but also easy to use, great looking and one of the best on the market! If you have always wanted to cloth diaper, but didn’t want to invest hundreds of dollars, you don’t have to wait any longer. With our one size diapers you can cloth diaper from birth to potty training for as little as $27.

We at Sunbaby want to help you all make the planet a better place to live and better parents for babies by cloth diapering!!

The Sunbaby 3×2 snap design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes and get a snug fit every time with the snap-adjusters in waist and leg.

Even though Sunbaby diapers are a “one size fits all” diaper, we realize that every baby is different. Some babies are slim and some are chunky.Slim babies will fit nicely into our size 1 diapers(about 5-33 pounds), whereas chunkier babies will welcome the slightly larger size 2 diapers(about 7-35 pounds). Trainers fits about  18-45 pounds.And while you may not be able to tell that there is much of a difference, your baby surely will.

Sunbaby offers many different types of inserts, such as bamboo, microfiber and a blend of both.

You might be asking yourself what is the “better” insert to use. Truthfully speaking, it’s really subjective and is based most on your preference. Microfiber can often draw more wetness faster than bamboo. The drawback is that microfiber is more bulky and not as absorbent as bamboo… which can be less reliable for heavy wetters. The combo blended inserts are a bestseller and seem to have a happy medium between both microfiber and bamboo. Bamboo is on the outside drawing the wetness more evenly into the microfiber below it and away from your baby.